You might not think about your car’s oil very often, but the quality and condition of your oil is actually crucial to your car’s function. For instance, if you have dirty, old oil, the oil won’t properly lubricate the engine’s moving parts. Your gas mileage will suffer, you’ll put too much strain on the engine, and your car could wear out before its time.

Fortunately, keeping your car in good condition is easy when you choose car oil change service from M&R Automotive Service Center. From our service center in Geneseo, NY, we’re happy to give car owners quick, convenient oil change services that get them back on the road in no time.

Helpful, One-of-a-Kind Oil Change Services

Does your car need high-mileage oil? Does the manufacturer recommend fully synthetic or a synthetic blend? No matter what type of oil your car needs and no matter how rare or conventional that type of oil is, we guarantee we’ve worked with it before and have it on hand.

Plus, when you come in, we can do more than simply change your oil. We can check the fluid, flush and change it, and clean any other crucial parts of your vehicle to ensure it runs correctly. We also take the time to go over your car and spot any developing problems. We can recommend the simplest possible fix to underlying issues, which saves you money on costly future repairs.

Experienced Technicians With a Passion for Cars

Since 1991, our business has served clients in the Geneseo, NY, area with integrity. Our company’s main goal is to provide each guest with reliable, honest services. When you ask us a question about your car’s maintenance and car, we can always answer it-our goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your car and the services you get from us.

To schedule your car oil change service or any other service from our business, select your preferred service on the list to the left. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 585.243.1201.

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